The Financial Atomic Bomb Technology that will change the world


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Going from 1.6 cents to $1 dollar (and beyond probably $1000 each too) like bitcoin did (bitcoins went from 1 cent to $1000 dollars in 5 years (This will happen faster though)).  Now why?

Instant transactions (bitcoins takes 15 – 25 minutes)
Asset Exchange (You can play the currency, stock market, and etc through it)
BitUSD the force of gravity.
A currency that pays you interest to hold.
It Appreciates in Value

It is BitSharesX,  Why?  Because it has features bitcoins does not have, significant features such as instant transactions (so it can be like Paypal, Visa or Mastercard).  Together these 3 payment systems process $4 TRILLION (trillion) dollars a year).  This is significant as if someone wants to send it to someone else with bitcoins (which each is worth $500 dollars) it takes 15 – 20 minutes.  How then will they be able to process transactions at Wal-Mart (any store). This shows the top cryptocurrencies http:/www./ (bitshares is 5th in value with $53 million (1.6 cents each).  While Bitcoins is 1st with $4.3 BILLION in value ($300 dollars each).  Bitshares is 6th in volume with $100,000 a day and sometimes $1 million a day which is significant.  While Bitcoins only has $6 million in daily transaction volume.

What else does bitsharesx have?  The Official Asset Exchange.  Why is this significant.  It will be like the NYSE (US Stock Exchange), Nasdaq (US Technology Stock Exchange) this means that people will be able to play the market like buying Google stock through this.

But what else.

You can own US dollars, and within a few weeks Chinese Yuan (Chinese dollars meaning there will be a big demand from China).  And later EVERY currency in the world.

Furthermore you get interest for holding bitshares.  Meaning its like a currency but it pays you money by holding it. ge or to trade US dollar currency everyone has to have subs of bitshares, like bitUSD, or bitGold, or bitYUAN (Chinese currency).

The Chinese like this a lot.  They are the early adopters but its for everyone, everyone is getting into it. this shows you 450+ crypto currencies.  And Bitshares is 5th  while it is just 4 month old.  Its closest competitor (enemy) is NXT.

Here is some history to put everything into perspective.

5 years ago in 2009 Bitcoins was released.  It was at 1 cent.  You could call it cryptocurrency 1.0 like how Google search engine is Web 1.0.  Then became Facebook (social network) which is Web 2.0.  BitSharesX is crypto-currency 2.0 how so?  Due to its interactive new features and thus Web 3.0?

Does bitsharesX ( for more info) have competitors.  Yes NXT.  But they are way behind in terms that they do not have the instant transactions and it may not work for them.  Furthermore there is 3 months before they say they will release instant transactions and there asset exchange is ineffective as well as they do not pay interest on holding their currency.  (As of editing future this article in January 1 2015 NXT never released instant transactions, this article was wrote in September 2014)

Now how do you get it?  That is one of the reasons everyone does not have it yet.  Go to if you are in the US.  If you are other places go to .  Try to get some.  Get bitcoins first than transfer them into Bitshares, that is the secret.

This is a huge secret.

This is the atomic bomb of the 21st century.  This is like World War 2, it is an arms race to win the war.  Do your part by promoting BitSharesX go to to read about it.  Get involved go to sign up.  For further developments and the cutting edge information go to the General Discussion on the forum or here

Remember the big winners in the stock market, usually forget about there stocks for a while (a year, 6 months, 5 years) and dont look at the daily movement, but plan the game if you want (I am a financial advisor and suggest dont)

All the best.

Live long and prosper.bitshares-pts-425x225

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