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Prumo Logistica being bought out at R$10.50 on the market for R$8.15 right now

Hello everyone, The people who want to buy the company are trying their hardest to buy it. We hereby call the holders of free float shares of PRUMO LOGÍSTICA S.A. (“Company”) to convene at the Special Free Float Shareholders Meeting (“Special Meeting”), to be held on February 24, 2017, at 10 a.m., at the Company’s… Read More »

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Will Silver and Gold ever come back? And how do markets work?

Silver is low, granted.  But it could get a lot lower if the stock market crumbles or there is a US recession.  Also gold priced in Canadian dollars is still at about $1400, granted the Canadian dollar is at 1.39 to 1 US dollar so you have lost purchasing power in other currencies. The lesson… Read More »

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Vale (VALE) The Brazilian Huge Iron Ore Producer is at 80% off

Vale was trading 10 years ago at $60 USD  dollars, now its trading at $8 USD .  It lost $1.6 billion last quarter (Adjusted earnings per share of 61 cents) but it is essentially a government company.  Iron ore is trading at $56 USD dollars per dry metric ton as of March 2015 while it was… Read More »

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