Bitshares the Financial Atomic Bomb Technology – How to Imagine It

Imagine a financial exchange that acts as something like a bank where by you put your money there, you get interest to hold your money there, you can then pay like a debit card your purchases of goods, and its like a financial exchange where you can trade currencies, bonds, and stocks. There are other exciting developments happening like a decentralized p2p lending exchange so you will be able to find lenders for that car or mortgage. We are also going to be a decentralized house title exchange whereby people will be able to register there property on the blockchain, we are figuring it out, stay tuned, Dan, aka bytemaster is the next Bill Gates, watch it. Also we are changing the way people vote, no more corrupt politicians, in the end we are looking to bring back direct democracy and greek democracy. Lastly there are many opportunities to be your own “DAC” like Bitshares Super DAC, we envision a future where people run a computer at home and its like the Matrix whereby it provides there living standard through some sort of business on a(the) blockchain, whether it is a p2p lending small institution (you being the institution) or through your own file sharing exchange using the blockchain making the apple itunes of file sharing block chains. Anything we are it, why anything when you can bitshare? Bitshares is also a financial opportunity but as anything there is a chance of loss.

For more information go to
To set up a exchange wallet go to www.bter.comlogo

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