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My Mutual Fund Commentary Only Returned 3% and 4% Yearly

It is true the commentary 2 years ago on has only returned 3% and 4% yearly which is not the best but it is a secure gain backed by bonds and income producing stocks. I am deeply sorry for not giving the best commentary.  The moral of the story, even backtesting 10 or 15 years is… Read More »

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Some low risk Mutual Funds that deliver 9 – 10% yearly backtested 10 to 15 years

Im sorry if this idea is not sexy enough for some but making a solid 9 – 10% yearly (a 5% to 6% dividend plus appreciation) is good in my books.  Your money is doubling in 7 years which is not bad These 2 mutual funds are balanced funds and with no further ado here… Read More »

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