Is Bitshares Undervalued by 60 times (60x)? YES

bitshares step outside the box

I make short posts but I try to be indepth.  (As a note its no longer BitsharesX but Bitshares)

Now first how come Bitshares (BTS) is so undervalued?  Bitshares is worth $34.6 million while Ripple is worth roughly $2 BILLION and they are almost exactly the same.  As found here you can see marketcap .  Now understand when you go to that link, coinmarketcap, you will see Ripple is at $588 million as of the writing of this article but this is ONLY 30% of the Ripple supply.  So this means Bitshares is valued at 1/60th ($34.6 million x 60 = $2 billion) isnt that crazy, isnt that an investment of a lifetime.  A 60 bagger.

Bitshares ( is a revolutionary technology that has features that are almost exactly the same as Ripple (

The real question is, how are the technologies similar?

1) They have as fast as visa transaction times, bitshares is at 5 – 10 seconds, Ripple is at 3 – 5 seconds.  As a note Bitcoin has a 8 – 15 minute transaction times which means youll never use it in the super market.
2) They both have forex currency trading
3) That is all how they are, they are nothing more than these 2 features other than the technology behind it.  I believe.

Now how are they different?

1) Ripple is centralized and can be targeted from a Quantum Computing attack when that technology comes out. How so, it will only have maybe half a dozen to a dozen server farm locations.  Bitshares has 101 delegates who each act as a server farm, this is incredibly difficult to take out 101 targets at once, if 90% of the targets got taken out, transaction times may be slowed to 20 – 30 seconds each, which is still about 20x times better than Bitcoin.

2) Bitshares Chairman Dan Larimer aka Bytemaster ( has a vision that is greater than Ripples’ and has the know-how and execution techniques to do it.

3) The owners of Ripple who made it, the company, owns 70% of the Ripple supply, is that really fair?  No, but is that another side-chain issue, yes so we wont talk about that.  On a similar note though the most a person owns in Bitshares is around 5 – 10% (I dont have the most accurate statistics but Bytemaster Dan the one who made Bitshares controls roughly 90 million out of 2.5 billion Bitshares this is 3.6%

4) Bitshares has delegate positions 101 of them that are paid at roughly $1,700 – $2,000 a month at present market cap but at a market cap of 2 Billion those paid positions will be worth $1.2 MILLION a year, thats with a M, a year.  You wont get all that money but you will get probably 10 – 30% maybe even 70% depending on how much work you do which is roughly $100,000 to $300,000 a year.  You negotiate with the community and if your like a Super Affiliate, you get rewarded.  Now a delegate position is either marketing delegate (you do online, offline, grassroots, etc etc) marketing styles.  There is dev/programmer/engineer positions, there are compliance positions, there is anything you can think of tucking in your ability into as long as the community believes your good and your voted in.  Basically if you get voted in (basically by the amount of bitshares there is, you need a small portion, it is no more than 5 million bitshares at the moment (it will be a lot more in the future), you get voted in.  You dont need those bitshares you just need people to vote you with there bitshares, YES BITSHARES YOU CAN VOTE IMAGINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY OR VOTING FOR YOUR POLITICIAN USING BITSHARES, ITS HAPPENING ITS CALLED BITSHARES VOTE A SEPARATE BUSINESS BEING CREATED BUT YES YOU CAN VOTE IN THE ORIGINAL BITSHARES, THIS IS TRULY A REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY.  (sorry for the bolded caps its just that important)

5) Ripple does have an advantage with that it integrated into a few banks in the banking industry which is big but bitshares is its OWN banking system, it is the revolutionary technology that bypasses all pre-existing protocols.

Now whats going on to get to the 2 billion market cap for bitshares valuing bitshares from 1.7 cents each to $1 dollar each.

1)  There is 2 communities a Chinese community and a English community.  They both have marketing delegates and as of this writing if your an online super affiliate and want to make a shitload of money, become a marketing delegate go here make a post and here is an example of a formal proposal which is really good and should be voted in;topicseen

2) An extension to the post there is about 6 – 10 marketing delegates as of right now but it is very new, the oldest one is just 1.2 months old so they havent had time to get traction yet.  Traction is coming, this could be a huge opportunity for you.

That is a wrap, make a comment if you think I should make this post more and I will add to the post and cite you, all comments are welcome.  Here is a short video to end

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