United States Cumulative Rent Growth (GRAPHIC)

cumulative rent growth Jan 2 2014

  I believe this graphic from Zillow is good just in the sense that it says there is a “sizable increase” in rental burdens for people this year.   Did San Francisco really go up 13% last year?  Probably not but 5 – 7% is reasonable, be skeptical but be aware that the trend is… Read More »

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Is Bitshares Undervalued by 60 times (60x)? YES

bitshares step outside the box

I make short posts but I try to be indepth.  (As a note its no longer BitsharesX but Bitshares) Now first how come Bitshares (BTS) is so undervalued?  Bitshares is worth $34.6 million while Ripple is worth roughly $2 BILLION and they are almost exactly the same.  As found here http://coinmarketcap.com/ you can see marketcap .  Now understand when… Read More »

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Cryptohedge.io – CFSassets – CFSgold – Market Making Bots – 20% to 50% yearly return? Maybe – Black Swan proof? Maybe

The bitshares ecosystem is on fire with the announcement that the development of a new DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation) + Bitassets (Assets under the Bitshares SuperDAC/Brand), ie Cryptohedge.io and CFSassets is coming online. Lets cut to the skinny, what is going on?  Basically Cryptohedge.io is releasing market making bots and is going to back it up… Read More »

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Moody’s Cuts Russia Debt to Baa3 – Russia pays government interest on debt at 11% of GDP – NOT BAD


Is there really a worry the government of Russia is going to go bankrupt when as of 2013 Government debt took up 7.9% of GDP as found at CIA Factbook: Russia .  Most statistics are taken from CIA Factbook unless are opinions. My central view is that Russian government debt is a steal (good buy) if… Read More »

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Is a 19% Interest Rate on Russian Government Bonds a good Investment? YES


Think about it Russia is going through a similar state that the United States went through in 1980, sky high inflation, high government expenditures and war (the United States I believe was in War with the Soviets in Afghanistan and the United States was in war with the Soviets in the Cold War).  Also US productivity growth… Read More »

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