United States Cumulative Rent Growth (GRAPHIC)

cumulative rent growth Jan 2 2014

  I believe this graphic from Zillow is good just in the sense that it says there is a “sizable increase” in rental burdens for people this year.   Did San Francisco really go up 13% last year?  Probably not but 5 – 7% is reasonable, be skeptical but be aware that the trend is… Read More »

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Is Bitshares Undervalued by 60 times (60x)? YES

bitshares step outside the box

I make short posts but I try to be indepth.  (As a note its no longer BitsharesX but Bitshares) Now first how come Bitshares (BTS) is so undervalued?  Bitshares is worth $34.6 million while Ripple is worth roughly $2 BILLION and they are almost exactly the same.  As found here http://coinmarketcap.com/ you can see marketcap .  Now understand when… Read More »

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Cryptohedge.io – CFSassets – CFSgold – Market Making Bots – 20% to 50% yearly return? Maybe – Black Swan proof? Maybe

The bitshares ecosystem is on fire with the announcement that the development of a new DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation) + Bitassets (Assets under the Bitshares SuperDAC/Brand), ie Cryptohedge.io and CFSassets is coming online. Lets cut to the skinny, what is going on?  Basically Cryptohedge.io is releasing market making bots and is going to back it up… Read More »

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Moody’s Cuts Russia Debt to Baa3 – Russia pays government interest on debt at 11% of GDP – NOT BAD


Is there really a worry the government of Russia is going to go bankrupt when as of 2013 Government debt took up 7.9% of GDP as found at CIA Factbook: Russia .  Most statistics are taken from CIA Factbook unless are opinions. My central view is that Russian government debt is a steal (good buy) if… Read More »

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An investment for the decade Fairfax India Holdings – (FIH.U) going up possibly 10x in 10 years.

The guy that runs this is named Prem Watsa and is nicknamed the “Warren Buffett of Canada” as he has made consistantely great investments since near the beginning of his career at in 1985. Even in the 1 year chart for Fairfax Financial Holdings, the company is up 50%+ year over year. He has recently… Read More »

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