The secret in making an altcoin as successful as

Its very simple.

It takes 1 sentence “Make email an address for sending money with your coin and dont have it on the blockchain

Now having the email address as an address is what is important whether it is on the blockchain or not.  The addresses could be jumbled into encryption so people are not worried about who is watching who.

If you were to do this you would get instant reconizability with the wide majority of people.  Having crypto as some secretive land is what is stopping Bitshares, Stellar, Bitcoin, and all 500+ rest from reaching a total market cap of $100 billion dollars, 30x more then what it is today, as found here .

We need Crypto Currency to go mainstream that is the only way the 2nd comers who did not get into Bitcoin in the first 3 years but which are in other Crypto Currencies will make any money or really become rich.

It is true that Paypal is just a payment gateway but it is worth billions and any currency is really a gateway to buying things. Someone who created this would just be the first to take the address level to the next level.

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