United States Cumulative Rent Growth (GRAPHIC)

cumulative rent growth Jan 2 2014

  I believe this graphic from Zillow is good just in the sense that it says there is a “sizable increase” in rental burdens for people this year.   Did San Francisco really go up 13% last year?  Probably not but 5 – 7% is reasonable, be skeptical but be aware that the trend is… Read More »

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Bitshares the Financial Atomic Bomb Technology – How to Imagine It

Imagine a financial exchange that acts as something like a bank where by you put your money there, you get interest to hold your money there, you can then pay like a debit card your purchases of goods, and its like a financial exchange where you can trade currencies, bonds, and stocks. There are other… Read More »

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The Financial Atomic Bomb Technology that will change the world


Tell people on facebook about this post.  To help people who need need/want money. Going from 1.6 cents to $1 dollar (and beyond probably $1000 each too) like bitcoin did (bitcoins went from 1 cent to $1000 dollars in 5 years (This will happen faster though)).  Now why? Instant transactions (bitcoins takes 15 – 25… Read More »

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Reasons for US Home Sales Being Down Since 2008

TOP_US Homeownership Rate Logan Dec 28 2014

As you can tell from the graph Average Wage Growth has been muted at 2.0% and Real Median Household Income has went down from $56,000 USD to $52,000 USD from 2009 to 2014, a roughly 7% drop. Furthermore, employment as a function of population (a ratio) has went down meaning the unemployment rate is a… Read More »

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