BYD Company is the Chinese Tesla

Would you invest along side the 3rd Richest man in the world, Warren Buffett, if you could? Do you feel bad missing the 1000% run-up of Tesla Motors ( )? Well there is a company in China, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, that you could invest in that Warren Buffett owns 10%.  The company is… Read More »

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Moody’s Cuts Russia Debt to Baa3 – Russia pays government interest on debt at 11% of GDP – NOT BAD


Is there really a worry the government of Russia is going to go bankrupt when as of 2013 Government debt took up 7.9% of GDP as found at CIA Factbook: Russia .  Most statistics are taken from CIA Factbook unless are opinions. My central view is that Russian government debt is a steal (good buy) if… Read More »

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The secret in making an altcoin as successful as

Its very simple. It takes 1 sentence “Make email an address for sending money with your coin and dont have it on the blockchain“ Now having the email address as an address is what is important whether it is on the blockchain or not.  The addresses could be jumbled into encryption so people are not worried… Read More »

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Restaurant Brands International Inc. (QSR) ie Tim Hortons, the wonder Canadian fast food chain/brand.

First from an Operational Standpoint, what makes Tim Hortons stand out. If you can get a Chicken Salad Sandwich for $3.60 would you buy it? This is a sandwich about 80% the size of a footlong at Subway and actual tastes great. Have you ever tried a Chicken Salad Sandwich which is good? I havent,… Read More »

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Wide-Moat Investing Case Studies

This is a very good video which talks about Moat investing (companies competitive advantages).   It gives examples.

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Don Yacktman on the Source of Moats (a companys competitive advantage)

I find this to be a very insightful article about a companys competitive advantage (Moat), it is only 2 minutes long and worthy of a watch.

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A stock run by a billionaire who has made 38% compounded yearly since 1978 meaning $1000 would turn into $100 million

icahn enterprises lp logo

The company is called Icahn Enterprises (NASDAQ:IEP) . Run by Carl Celian Icahn (born February 16, 1936) an American businessman, activist shareholder and investor. He is the majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a diversified holding company. This company is great for the following reason 1) It is diversified and an investment company It owns… Read More »

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Is Bitshares Undervalued by 60 times (60x)? YES

bitshares step outside the box

I make short posts but I try to be indepth.  (As a note its no longer BitsharesX but Bitshares) Now first how come Bitshares (BTS) is so undervalued?  Bitshares is worth $34.6 million while Ripple is worth roughly $2 BILLION and they are almost exactly the same.  As found here you can see marketcap .  Now understand when… Read More »

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An Investment I like: Shipping company A.P. Moller – Maersk (AMKBY)

ap moller maersk

First off here are the specifics Market Cap: $22.04 Billion USD Dividend Yield: 1.66% a year 52 Week Range per share: $9.24 – $18.00 (your buying it cheap at $10.14 presently) PE: roughly 7*, they are worth $22 billion and they profit $4.5 billion before tax and $3 billon after tax. Why do I like this… Read More »

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Is a 19% Interest Rate on Russian Government Bonds a good Investment? YES


Think about it Russia is going through a similar state that the United States went through in 1980, sky high inflation, high government expenditures and war (the United States I believe was in War with the Soviets in Afghanistan and the United States was in war with the Soviets in the Cold War).  Also US productivity growth… Read More »

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